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Full Version: Hello everybody
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Hi. I'm new here. Just want to introduce myself. Quick bio:

28M, had depression from a young age. Got me into some bad situations, but I have it more or less under control these days - at least as much as I can expect, which is great. I'm employed and (very slowly) working toward a degree in comp. sci. I've been single for the past couple years, but I think that might be what's really best for me right now. I live with my cat, Lilly.



Hi clean Smile
HI Clean, welcome.
Is that Lilly in the picture? If so.. she is beautifull Smile
Welcome, Clean. Cute avatar. Smile
Yup. That's her making crazy eyes Toungue
lol, shes a cutie, thank god for those little companions... mine helped me through my loneliest times.
Welcome to the Forum Clean Smile

Bob Arctor

Aloha my friend! Computer science rocks as much as Lilly does! Enoy your stay!
Thanks for the welcome, everybody Big Grin
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