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After lurking a little I decided to join this forum. First of all I have to apologize for my english. I guess you can understand what I want to say, but there could be problems with my grammar sometimes Rolleyes.
Some basic data about me: I am male, 22 years old and from Germany. More precisely I'm from Bavaria, that makes some different Big Grin. But at the moment I'm living in North Rhine-Westphalia for studying geosciences. In my free time I like to go jogging, photographing (maybe I will put some of my photographs to the "Express Yourself"-forum), hiking or sitting in front of my computer and do nothing. During the last few weeks, doing nothing was my main activity. I don't think I'm more lonely then the average people, but I'm lack in social contacts and looking forward to find some people I can talk to.
Greetings from Germany an have a nice day!
Willkommen!! Smile
Willkommen as Pezza said! I know a bit Deutsch myself... Anyhow, geosciences are interesting! Especially know with the so called "rare earth elements". Enjoy your stay here Herr aka!



The Good Citizen

Hello and Welcome Smile


Welcome! Smile


Hello, welcome, I hope you can enjoy it here


Welcome aboard
Welcome aka! I hope you'll enjoy your stay Smile
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