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Hi everyone. I'm a newbie.
I'm here because.. geez, I'm having a hard time figuring out what to say.
Basically, back in October, I had to finally admit that my life was out of control and I began the process of living in sobriety.
I was about to lose everything.
But in trying to change, I also had to accept that there are other problems that I need to work on. I had / have a lot of self-hatred, guilt, shame, depression. I'm doing what I need to do to improve these things.
But as I am watching myself and my life improve, the one area that hasn't gotten any better is my lack of friendships. I am very lonely.
I just seem to have a hard time connecting with people and know that I am a bit socially awkward.
You hear people talk about instant chemistry with people that they date and/or marry. But I feel like that can be there when finding someone who becomes a close friend, too. There is a connection. And I haven't felt that in a long time.
I am jealous of the women around me that have close girlfriends. I have none.
I suppose that is enough for now. I am 29, and live in kentucky. I would love to talk, especially to other women. Thanks
Hey, and welcome. Smile


Hello, welcome to you, I hope you can have good luck to find friends here


G'day Big Grin
Hi and welcome Norabeth.
Welcome to the site. Smile
Welcome to the Forum Smile
Welcome to the forum Norabeth Smile I hope you can find those girlfriends here!
Good day, Norabeth. Welcome to the forums. There is much honesty in your words and I feel for what you're going through. Being without friends is indeed hard. It is good to hear that you are improving. I believe it's possible that when a person feels socially awkward around people, they just haven't found the right environment or type of people they can fit in with comfortably. If this is true, then it may be only a matter of exploring different social settings until one finds a place where they feel at home. The "instant connection" factor always seemed to me like a thing of cartoons and movies. Don't let that bring your spirits down.
Hope you have a nice stay and find new friendships.
welcome to the forums Smile
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