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Full Version: Teens play the "knockout game" with the wrong guy
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-2 teens high on marijuana try to play the knockout game whereas they attack and try to knockout a random guy.
-random guy has a knife
-1 teen dies later from fatal injury other is critically injured
-community outrage as the real victim was released due to self-defense
-family and supporters rally support in defense of juvenile deliquence as harmless fun.
-eyewitness accounts indicate the teens were the aggressors and it was purely self-defense.

an accurate representation of the "knockout game".
[Pic Removed] - Solitary

even though one of them was stabbed in the back and side of the head; it is perfectly plausible for the random guy to have sidestepped a punch to stab the guy like that. Everything about the story has led me to believe the random guy was black because if he was white then their would be national outrage over it much like another trayvon case and rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson voicing them opinions even though this and trayvon are vastly different.

Personally, I believe lethal force was not necessary but in the circumstances it was justified as people have died from the 'knockout game' before. There is no doubt these kids would exact their revenge had they lived.

Heres another video for reference of what might've happened had he not defended himself.

I'd probably feel safer with the 'murderer' on the streets than 2 kids trying to knock me the F out.

Moral of the story: don't be a douche; you'll get stabbed FFS! because karma can be a bitch.
Lethal force may not have been required, but with the 2-on-1 situation my guess is that the victim needed to use some sort of force to defend himself. If the only thing he had was lethal (knife, gun) then he had every right to use that in self defense.

I've had someone try to sucker punch me and when he missed, his momentum carried him in such a way that his left side was exposed to me (he was a lefty). A kidney punch later and he was doubled over. If I had a knife and used it, it's entirely possible that I could have swung the knife in a stabbing motion with my right hand in such a way that it would have entered his back.
While I don’t know the intricate ‘rules’ of this game I have to admit that if two kids did the same to me I’d give them a knock or two back, not stab them of course but at the same time I’d want to defend myself. For all we know the random man (who I believe to be the real victim) could have been the victim of previous attacks and was sick and tired of all the nonsense that comes with overaggressive teenagers these days. Sure he took things two far but when two intoxicated teenage boys approach with the aim to attack you who wouldn’t be panicked?

I dislike how these parents run to defend their ‘little angels’ when in most cases those kids are the ones going around causing trouble in the first place. We have the same problem where I live; gangs of kids sitting on street corners intimidating, spitting and swearing at anyone who dares to walk past but the second someone fights back their parents are out of the bar and on the local news demanding justice and playing up the sympathy card (while selling their story for as much money as they can make). It’s the old blame game all over again.
(10-21-2012, 06:19 PM)Lost Drifter Wrote: [ -> ]Sure he took things two far but when two intoxicated teenage boys approach with the aim to attack you who wouldn’t be panicked?

What makes you think he took things too far? If he was being victimized and beaten, perhaps his only recourse was to use any means he had available to defend himself. Not everyone is versed in MMA. Then again, would that have been going too far?

Did you ever see the movie Con Air? Nicolas Cage was a Special Forces guy who wound up killing someone who pulled a knife on him and his wife. The judge sentenced him to years in prison because he used his "special skills" to kill the attacker. Do you think someone who has special skills and uses them to defend themselves or someone else is taking things too far?

Personally, I'm not going to lose any sleep that this dirtbag is TU and taking the celestial dirt nap. One less vermin in the correctional system for taxpayers to take care of.
Oh my goodness did I write two instead of too?!? Sad

I still think killing someone is a little too far though, as much as I can sympathise with the man and as much as panic must have taken over roughing them up instead of killing could still have been an option. I say could because as it stands now no-one knows what exactly happened but for all we know he could have had the option to stab them in not vital areas. This is all hypothetical hindsight of course and at the end of the day everyone is going to be different on this. There is no ‘right’ answer as we all react differently to similar situations.

As for the Con Air example (you’re using that seriously?) one of the first things any good martial arts or self-defence lesson will teach you is that you must always use your skills responsibly as not to do so really is breaking the law hence Cage being sent to prison (plus it was a plot device). The average joe is usually given exception but if you’ve been specially trained then yes, using your skills to attack other than defend is prosecutable. Where the line is drawn between attack and defence is debatable but that’s a whole other topic. .
Dude take down that vid of the baby being punched, that's fucked up it's not funny and shouldn't be used for any reason.


(10-21-2012, 07:53 PM)Parabolani Wrote: [ -> ]Dude take down that vid of the baby being punched, that's fucked up it's not funny and shouldn't be used for any reason.

yes, agree, wtf is with that?

i don't want to read the article and i don't want to watch the video

you come up two-on-one and punch me out of nowhere, i am probably going to stab you in the head too

fucking DUH

when my fight instinct is turned "on", someone is likely to die (that comes from years of abuse as a kid)
It was a white guy and he was the third person they attacked. They beat down two girls first. When they got to him he killed one and injured the other.


people have watched too many movies

they have come to think that fights last for minutes or hours

that people can trade blows ad infinitum without one person going down

this is hollywood

this is not real life

in real life, the fight is usually over in less than one minute

in real life, people DIE from one punch

in my opinion, running up out of nowhere and punching an innocent and unsuspecting person (IN THE HEAD) is just like running up on them and shooting them.

a blow to the head can cause seizures, brain damage, death, etc...

hollywood has created this image of violence and the average humans ability to withstand it that are not in accordance with the facts


If you punch a random person you never know what the "recoil" will bring.
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