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is it wrong that a 17 year old dates someone that is over 21??
Over 21 - how old exactly?


According to society, it is wrong. But you know what? Screw society, if you both feel ok with it, then no one can tell you that it's wrong and be right about it Smile


It depends on particular people in question.

I believe.. not always it would be wrong, and not always it would be right. And I think age difference would not necessarily be the thing that is the problem in case of it when it is wrong... but problems related to it. Is the younger person too naive to make well decisions about such a relationship, for instance? Not all 17-year-old people are naive, but indeed some could be easy taken advantage of. That is only an example, but there are many such things to consider about it.
In a Legal sense? Or an ethical sense? The former, yes, the latter, probably(wrong, that is. Wink)


In legal sense, it depends where you are. In the place I live for example, state of Illinois in US, age of consent is 17 and therefore it is not "wrong" legally.
Yes probably not in the 17 year olds best interest
(11-13-2012, 05:52 PM)ladyforsaken Wrote: [ -> ]Over 21 - how old exactly?

Yeah, how much over 21 are we talking? There's a world of difference between a 22 year-old dating a 17 year-old and a 35 year-old dating a 17 year-old.

As someone else mentioned, different states have different legal ages of consent for sexual contact: Age of consent by state.

Also, purely on the individual level, some 17 year-olds are more mature than others, and I don't mean "mature" as a euphemism for "sexually promiscuous," I mean emotionally mature. So it really would depend on the circumstances of each situation before I could give a firm Yes or No. Generally, I lean toward No though, especially if the older person is way older than 35.