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Full Version: Happy New Year from Florida
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Lefty Lonely


A few months back i discovered this forum but never posted. Now on the first day of a new year I have changed that

A little bit about me : Im 35, single, an only child, never married, no kids. I live alone in the same town as my parents and there are few people my age in this area of Florida--they dont call it heaven's waiting room for nothing LOL. I used to work for myself from home,and that enhanced my loneliness even more.

My objective for sharing is not to sob about being lonely, that gets you nowhere, just that Im interested in connecting with others who can relate to me and maybe get some more ideas about how to best cope with loneliness, maybe some friendships can even be formed over the course of doing so and Id be very welcoming of it

I plan to browse the forum, chat,hopefully meet some people. Id be delighted to share about my passions for music and cars as well. So in the meantime, Happy New Year, glad Im here, and looking forward to kicking loneliness's butt :-)
Welcome to the forum. Smile

Try the chat room (link is in the upper right corner, "Main Chat").

Lefty Lonely

thanks, i will see if this browser will let me log in correctly
Hi, welcome to the forum. Nice introduction and nice to see that you've already started on your new year's resolutions. Wink I still have to start on mine...so far I've been acting like if a new year hasn't come yet.
Anyway, welcome and all the best to you in 2013. Smile

Lefty Lonely

thanks very much and hope to see you around on the forum :-)


Hi and welcome to ALL. Big Grin

Lefty Lonely

Warm wishes for 2013. Ive been here a few hours and I already met some great folks!
Hmm...interesting choice of avatar. Wink Do you like old movies?

Lefty Lonely

I do, but more so gangster related things, being that i grew up in the NY-Philly area and always used to hear stories about the local crime families

Bob Arctor

(01-02-2013, 06:30 AM)Lefty Lonely Wrote: [ -> ]...there are few people my age in this area of Florida--they dont call it heaven's waiting room for nothing LOL....

I've also heard it called America's wang.
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