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Full Version: Hello.
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Hey Einsam, welcome to the forum..


Thanks for the welcomes, guys. :']

And the bunny is super cute! hehe

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So what's going on then, Einsam? What would You like to talk about? =)
Einsam Wrote:Hi, I'm new. I'm a pretty sad person. I was looking for emo-ish forums, but emos aren't REAL. On the forums I looked at, "fashion & music" had more posts than "express yourself". Sad

Anyway, I found this place. I hope that, unlike everyone else, you'll like me.

emos are real Big Grin emo just means someone that's emotional. I know ppl that dress like emo and I actroly think the look is preety cool. Am a bit old for that look now but if I was say 15 years younger, OMG! am old lol Well, ye I would have probably gone for the emo look. Really, I just think the look is so cool.

BTW Welcome to the forum.
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