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Hi, so here's my first post. Toungue

I'm 23, male and from South East England.

I found this site on Google after what I expected to be a fruitless search to find more shyness/loneliness communities. I've already been signed up on shyunited for several years and have also used a couple of SA forums.

I've met a few nice people on shyunited, but not had much luck on the SA forums, so I'm thinking perhaps I should really favour sites with the 'shy' or 'lonely' themes as opposed to 'anxiety' (don't ask me why...?). Hence this place caught my attention and I've decide to have a go here...

I've been lonely most of my life and since I left school over 6 years ago I've not had any friends locally (and only a handful on the internet, two of whom I've managed to meet in person). I do find it difficult to get on with people I have nothing much in common with (or perceive to have nothing in common with). I also don't drink or go to clubs so I'm kind of stuck in a solitary existence in my bedroom in the evening and on weekends.

My profile says quite a lot about me already, so no point repeating it, however I am hoping to chat to people similar to me in their interests and personality. Feel free to PM me, I don't bite. Toungue
welcome to lonrly life


Welcome, tal! Nice to see Ya =)
Welcome to the forum tal hope you like it here

I went to shy united one time but it was too overwhelming and big, I think that's sort of ironicToungue
Welcome Smile
Hey tal, welcome.
Hello Tal Smile
Nice to meet you. I read through your profile. I see you like celtic music and Lord of the Rings- me too! I have all three movies and hear they are coming out with the Hobbit. Any plans to watch it? I was hoping Elijah Wood would be in it. Look forward to seeing you around.
Hey Tal, welcome Big Grin! I'm Soph x
Hey Tal, I hope you find this place as helpful as I have, They have welcomed this "lonely old fool" with open arms, I'm sure you will make friends quickly.Smile
If you look at this it is an old post. He has been a member since like nearly 5 months ago. But I did not welcome him so welcome Smile
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