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Full Version: newbie looking for direction
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hi...newbie here..44yo male with 13 yo daughter...looking for friendship ,maybe more, from east Kilbride Glasgow Scotland but would love to talk to other lonely people from around vthe world.
Hi seanski, welclome to the forum.
Scotland? You must have an awesome accent then ^^

Anyways welcome, enjoy your stay Toungue
Hey again, welcome to the forum lol. I welcomed you in the other thread I think. I'll welcome you again anyway.

I think we have another member, Scotty from Scotland too! Oh sorry, I mean, Scotsman. You'll find him popping around the forum somewhere. Toungue


Hi there and welcome, I hope you find what your looking for here, it is a great place Smile
Welcome to the forum
Welcome to the site.
Hi and welcome!