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Full Version: Well hello :)
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Hi! My name is Anders and I'm 22 years old.
I moved a while ago from home to my first job.
But after a while of just work, and no one to hang out with on the weekends.
All of my co-workers is about 10-20 years older than me, soooo yeah... Not the most fun bunch to hang with. Toungue
So I figure some skypefriends could be something. Smile

So if anyone is interested in talking with a Swedish, weird dude:
Just call!

Skypename: ametafor91

Have an awesome day folks! Wink
(If you just want to send a message, go ahead)
Hey there, welcome to the forum! Hope you'll be able to find some people to talk to, a lot of nice people around here.


Hi there and welcome Smile
Welcome to the site.