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Full Version: Life as a bald guy
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Short story : I've been balding since I was 15 and for the last few years living under a cap, which I'm allowed at work since it's very casual here.

So a couple of days ago I took it off thinking all would be fine, everyone I knew would embrace the new look..

I've noticed quite a few smug looks and generally less respect from people out and about. Sure my closer friends have given the vote of confidence, but there's also been a lot of turned up noses from strangers and acquaintances. I guess this is just life for us baldies; basically eating humble pie every day.

Hair gives the face and head proportion, without it you look like a giant baby. I hate it, but there's no dignified solution, other than donning a rug and getting some awful transplant surgery the results of which look pretty disastrous.

Looks matter, even well into adulthood, there's no magic number after which they don't, otherwise I wouldn't have noticed a different vibe.

You guys with hair don't know how lucky you are.
never EVER tell Bruce Willis that he looks like a giant baby...
A bald head is pretty common nowadays. I've got no problem with hair loss and I've been shaving mine for a long time. I use a buzzer and not a razor, but either way, it's so common it's not even a big deal.

a lonely person

Yeah-yuh! Us baldies are sexy as hell!

[Image: 1.gif]
OP the majority of guys these days shave their heads. You know who Steve Harvey is? This is a guy who was never balding, but he clean shaves his head now. Also usually when you get older, you start balding anyway.

It's not a bad/weird thing.
It hasn't held Patrick Stewart back, when he cast for Star Trek they didn't say oh look here's a bald guy let's laugh at him no way can a bald guy be like the most powerful man in Star Fleet and an idol for millions.

This fact did bother me when I was younger, but now I shave my head anyways and in fact it makes me look a lot younger!
I think you are reading way too much into it, you were probably expecting people to react the way you think they did deep down. So you think that is what happened. Going bald is pretty common, there are guys who will shave their heads because they prefer the bald look. It's become much more of a trend to the point when someone does go for the bald look it's not a big deal. Like someone coming out of the closet, it might get some attention but it isn't the earth shattering news it use to be.
ya, its only as bad as you think it is.
my hair has been thinning out more and more as time goes on, and the only times it even crosses my mind is when my wife comments about it lol. but she does it teasingly because people expect that it will bother me.
but I've never been a superficial person or cared much about my hair or style or any of that. I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam.
when I lose enough of it I will take it all off, but so far any times I have mentioned it my wife and kids say no, I shouldn't.. so it must still be workin for me =)


I choose to shave my hair off because I prefer it that way. It always looks neater and it takes less than 30 seconds to clean. I don't think that anyone has ever looked at me any differently because of it and if anyone ever does, then that's their problem.

I used to have 3ft long hair and I have way more body hair than is considered "desirable" and people looked down on me for that. They nicknamed me "Caveman". It was supposed to be derogatory, but that didn't work out so well for my detractors, because I adopted it as my nickname and I've been called some version of it ever since. The only people who even use my birth name are my family.

I guess what I am saying is that idiots will be idiots regardless of what you do. If it's not short hair, it's long hair... You're too tall or you're too short... They're going to find something. It's best to just ignore them and try to be comfortable with yourself the way you are.
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