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Full Version: Anyone else a night owl?
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Now that school is over (im on brake), i basically stay up all night for i have no reason to wake up early the next day! I usually just end up surfing the internet, play video games or watch a movie. Anyway, i wanted to know if there was others like me on here, since it can get pretty lonely/boring at night and some chatting definitely wouldn't hurt! Toungue
I can have a rather late night on a Friday or Saturday. But usually work means I should sleep fairly early x] If you have Skype though, I'd be happy to have it Big Grin
i dont work and i fidget for 8 hours before i can fall asleep.. thanks for nothing, Valium.


Yeah I'm a night owl, it's very hard for me to fall asleep sometimes.
I'm definitely a night owl. I work the night shift and when I'm not doing that I'm up anyway. It does get pretty lonely so let me know if you're up for a chat sometime!
I used to be a big night owl, but I find the older I become, the less likely I am to stay up really late.
I used to be, and if I want I can slip back into the habit, but if I get up at 1 pm I get only three hours of light and I notice that I get really depressed, so I try to get up around 10, 11, so I can get half of a working day
I've always preferred the night even when I had to get up at 6 am for work, I wouldn't go to bed until 1 at the earliest. I used to work nights, so I found it easier if I take a couple hour naps through out the day instead of trying to get a full 8 hours of sleep at once I had plenty of day light to get things done. Never really tried to change my habits after that.
Im down for it but dont know where to chat with people here on the forums.
I've been quite the night owl tonight.
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