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Full Version: There's no such thing as real love
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There's no such thing as real love, real love I don't believe exists anymore or at least relationships. I never had a boyfriend in my entire life and every guy I meet ends up turning into an asshole. you like me but you don't want to talk to me most of the time? You want sex but you don't want to hold my hand in public? I don't fucking get it. I feel like I can't get a boyfriend because most boys of this generation only want one fucking thing! And most people say well your looking in the wrong direction. Okkkkayy so where exactly is the right direction? I'm still looking I don't see anything. All the good ones I suppose are in hiding. I'm sick of movies and tv shows portraying all these perfect relationships. I suppose only my parents love me... I guess sometimes I'm uncertain about that too but ugh idk. I just wish a miracle would just happen.
Hi LeilaniAWarrior

If I based it purely on my own experiences, I'd say the only type of love is unrequited love.

However I do believe that true love definitely exists.
Unfortunately it seems that not everyone gets to experience it (myself included)

I've always been the dependable guy who helps the girl through the tough times and the tears only to have her choose the guy
that was part of the reason for her tears.

I wouldn't dare suggest that you are looking in the wrong places, however I would ask if you are going for the same type of guys each time.
It certainly sounds as if you are going out with guys who want to hook-up rather than those looking for a relationship.

You haven't said how old you are, which may be a factor - but if this is happening a lot it might be wise to take a look at the kind of guys you are meeting.

Also, think about getting to know them a bit better before getting into the sex side of the relationship. That way you will know if they are assholes to start off with.

As for real love - it is there, but it isn't a miracle that swoops down from on high. That tends not to be love - more like infatuation plus raging hormones. Real love is a thing that takes work, commitment and attention - from both parties. Only by getting to know someone can you be sure that they are going to last the distance.
Look for a guy who will sit down and "TALK" right from the beginning. I mean talk about real things too and not just flirting and all the small talk basics. I think to have real love you have to have depth and respect in place before you hit the sheets. I don't know how old you are..that could be an issue too. Take your time and be selective. I work in a club and can tell you first hand NEVER look for love in them. Those places can be fun on a date but are Players playgrounds for singles.


I dont really know what to reply, but I just disagree with the statement.
I do think real love exists.

I wish for you to find it.
(03-15-2014, 03:06 AM)skippyd Wrote: [ -> ]I work in a club and can tell you first hand NEVER look for love in them. Those places can be fun on a date but are Players playgrounds for singles.

What is your take on going to bars, skippyd? Are they like clubs in your opinion? Both of them seem like bad places to meet people (for love) to me.
Not sure what your age is but if you're young this is to be expected. "REAL" love tends to come later in life, and is actually opinionated since everyone's view of it differs. If your idea of love hasn't happened yet then it's because you're either too young, meet immature idiots or have a warped view of it.


I'm gonna disagree with you Lei. I've experienced it and I miss not having it. It was without the best 10 of the 47 years years of my life. Maybe I'll find it again....I hope I do some day....
I'm afraid I'll have to agree with the OP, real love, in modern society, is very much an outdated concept.

We are brought up within our education system to believe that individual achievement is best. The idea of self-sacrifice, compromise, thinking of others, is these days an old-fashioned view. Everyone is now out for themselves, that is the lessons we're are being taught.

I've read this article below with great interest as something I believe in. It's much better than what I can write.



I've always believe in real love and I truly believe it exists. And I believe it happens when you're least expecting it. In the past I remember always looking for love and rushing into relationships but I was always looking in all the wrong places. Love isn't something someone should go looking for, love is something that will happen on it's own. One day you'll be at your house relaxing & watching the TV alone, than the next day you'll bump into someone and that person will be the one for you. It won't happen exactly like that, but one day you'll meet them. Don't know when however but I truly believe there's someone out there for you. =) Don't give up hope!
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