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Full Version: Feeling very alone
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Hiya everyone,

With all this social media.... I have a few 'internet friends', followers, but none of them to me are real. They say nice things. But as I plan another evening by myself... I think its making me feel ill. I do have children by that is on the weekend. If there is anyone, near Cardiff, who may wish to find a new friend, PLEASE PLEASE leave a message.

Hi and welcome to the site!


Welcome Smile
I'm not in your area, but welcome to the forum Smile
Thankyou for saying hello

Thankyou everyone for your kind messages...
hi James, welcome Smile
there are many people from the UK here, perhaps you will find others in your area - where you live do you have any chance to make new friends?
Welcome to the forum!
Hey James, welcome to the forum. Hope you'll find someone near Cardiff to befriend with. Or maybe anyone else you can connect with on here. Good luck.


Thank you again for all your heart felt words.

J x
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