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Full Version: Anyone near Cardiff, lonely like me
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I havent been on here long.

But I was very impressed with the replies. So I thought I would push the boat out a bit further to ask if anyone on here is from near Cardiff.

Knowing that there are people like me out there makes the lonelyness a little less.

Anyway, thats enough for now.

James x


I´m not actually from Cardiff nor do I live anywhere close.

I just wanted to say I´m feeling sorry for you that you live in CardiffSad I hope you are taking it bravely, and one day, you might have a chance for something better. Stay strong.

(P.S: this was a joke, sorry if inappropriate)
(P.P.S: Hope you find someone cool to hang out with in here, have luck!Smile )
I appreciate your message very much.

It is lonely.

I do like Cardiff.