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Hi everyone! Yes I'm new here. I may seem like a cheerful, bubbly or happy-go-lucky person to the people around me. But the truth is, I'm actually pretty depressed inside.
I keep everything to myself. I've never told anybody about my problems. I guess these small problems piled up to become a big one now. I'm still my happy self around others. However, I would break down into tears once in a while whenever I'm the only one at home. There's no way I can share my troubles with my family. There are too many. Where do I start? They're so busy with their own lives. Will they make fun of me if I open up? Will they even believe me? Will they think I'm over-dramatic?
How do I say it? Just randomly say "Hey mum, you know I once almost got kidnapped when I was a kid and you left me alone at the shopping mall. It was a huge man and since then I've been afraid of guys."? Or "Hey sis, you know I was 'disturbed' by the guys at my old school. Some of them were stalkers. Some of them enjoyed hitting on me. I guess I'm traumatized by it."? Or even "Hey dad, you know my group of friends accused me of something I didn't do and started avoiding me. Eventually the whole class followed so I was isolated. It happens in every schools I transferred to. Even now."?
Is it funny to you...? There are many more. I seriously feel like shouting out loud. I can't do it though. What if they're disappointed in me? I'm so weak I can't stand up for myself because I'm afraid I would make it worse.[/font]
Hi sangmi
Hey sangmi, welcome to the forum.

Sometimes ithe closest people around us are the ones we find it very hard to talk to. I can relate, so so much. My family doesn't know much of what goes on in my life. I find it hard to even tell them about my hospital visits for my health. I've gotten used to it though.

If you feel that you have a hard time opening up to your family, you could try with some of your friends? Or even on this forum. A lot of us here might be able to relate and can talk to you about what you're going through or have gone through. Alternatively, you could try to reach out to one family member first.. the one you're closest to, and know he/she will not ridicule you for what you confide in them or laugh it off.

I'm sorry you've been through so much of those you mentioned above, but I hope you stay strong and keep going. Sometimes it's better talking to a stranger than to a family member, in my opinion. Feel free to PM me if you wish. Good luck and take care.
Hello and welcome!
Hey there and welcome!
Hi and welcome to the forums. I hope you find what you are looking for here. There is so many great people hear, and I'm sure you will make some new friends and find the support you need. I'm so sorry to hear what has happened to you, and hope things get better for yourself.


Welcome Smile


Welcome to the forum.


Hi sangmi16, welcome. I can understand that feeling of having to keep it all to yourself. I guess your parents or your sis won't react as if you are weak because that's common sense to me but since Idk them I can't really say much. Best of luck