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Hey ALL,

My name is Legato. Used to use this website a short while ago, so I recall the odd name or two. I found this website helpful in stints last time around, and seemed to bail when I felt it could help me no longer.

After thinking about it over the past few days I thought it could be an idea to come back, make new friends, possibly help others who were in my situation.

In a short sentence i'm 26, male, living in the Northwest of England.

Gladly like to get to know more of you so drop me a PM if you want to chat!

Hope everyone is doing well ^_^


Welcome back Big Grin
Thank you =D Nice to see you again
Hi, I think we joined almost the same time in 2011. I can still remember your picture (=face) Smile
Possibly did rivermaze. I've been back and forth from here quite a bit since then. Nice to meet you, again!


I remember you. Welcome back!
Hey there, welcome to the forum.
I think I remember you... ??? Welcome back anyway! Smile
Welcome back, Legato.
Hi and welcome back!
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