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Hi All

Obviously, I'm new! I'm in my 20's and live with family, this has its obvious benefits in terms of not being physically lonely but in terms of how it makes me feel psychologically - I think I'd be less lonely if I lived alone!

I've joined this as a last resort, I don't mean for that to sound offensive. Until very recently I did have someone in my life that had been around for years, however my moods can be depressive and I wasn't doing a particularly good job of taking care of their needs as a friend and it eventually became too much for them to continue to deal with. So now I have nobody left.

As a really quick whistle stop tour of how I believe I ended up like this, I went to uni aged 18, had a small group of friends that I eventually lost touch with due to spending too much time focused on an abusive relationship that eventually ended. I had a traumatic event when I was 19 which left me feeling very vulnerable and I isolated myself from anyone that wasn't 'safe', during the 3/4 years that followed I was solely spending time with an abusive partner, cut off friends and family and eventually stopped working.

Since the relationship ended I've been attempting to rebuild what I can of my life and have done so with mixed success, I'm ok at making friends but struggle to keep them around, as I said earlier, I don't take care of other peoples needs and deep down I'm not a very nice person.

I particularly have trouble trusting people (especially men) and this has a big impact on any romantic interests I may care to pursue.

I suppose the reason I joined was to learn from others how to change my situation and hopefully find people who understand how I feel.

Sorry for the novel! Thanks for reading if you made it this far Smile hopefully I'll be bake to talk to some of you soon
Hi -


Welcome Madam, I'm sorry to hear about your traumatic past. I wish you the best of luck in future and hope you enjoy your time here :3
Welcome to ALL, Callie Big Grin
Hi and welcome! Smile



Welcome and hello.


Welcome Smile
Hey Callie, welcome to the forum. I can somewhat relate to your past. I hope you'll find what you're looking for here. (:
Hi and welcome!
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