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Full Version: Hello all! Free pizza inside, but you must bring your own cheese.
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So, I'm not actually a new member. Please ban me for breaking the rules.

But...well, I haven't logged in 2.5 years, no one remembers me, I didn't exactly leave a mark! So, I feel I should say hello again...

I'm some 25yo guy from Montreal. Graduated 13 months ago, found a one-month teaching contract and then nothing. Nothing, besides failed interviews and crushed hopes. I'm having no luck at all, so I'm going back to school...again. It feels like my life will be on hold forever, it's a little sickening, and I really need some people to talk to, having no real friends anymore.

I have no idea why I stopped posting on this forum, it was a great place. It helped me once and I'm sure it'll help me again!

I lied about the free pizza.
Hello, Nitramici. Welcome back to the forum. Hopefully you'll find the forum to be even more useful now since it did before too. Job search sucks. I'm not having much luck with it after I quit my teaching job recently. So, I don't know. Good luck though on you going to school again.
Aww, no free pizza! And I brought cheese!!!

Oh well, welcome back. And hey, instead of sitting around doing nothing you are going back to school, so thats a positive thing Smile

And remember...

[Image: tmnt-pizza.jpg]
That picture cheered me up more than it had any right to, thanks. Toungue


Hello there! Glad you're here. And there's nothing wrong with getting a little bit more education under your belt. Hope you find what you need in this forum.


Hello and welcome back! Smile No free pizza? Damn... Toungue


You're new to me. So welcome back Smile
Well, I never! No free coffee for you, then.

Welcome back.


Thanks for the welcome, guys. Smile
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