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Hi, I joined a while ago but haven't plucked up the courage to post a greeting until now! I'm feeling increasingly lonely and upset in my life and thought it was about time to find some support for it. I'm looking forward to hopefully making some new friends who understand what it's like to battle with feeling lonely most of the time, and also hope that I can figure out how to work towards not being so isolated. At the moment I'm really struggling with my feelings around watching my friends/family and other people in general progress while I get left behind.
I'm always up for a chat, whether it is a vent, for support or just for fun, so feel free to say hello.
Thanks for reading!

Hi Kit
Hey there, welcome to the site! Don't worry - we're pretty friendly and I hope we can help! Smile


Welcome, and glad you spoke up Smile
Hey Kit, welcome to the forum!


Welcome Smile


Welcome to the site, Kitsu!
Thankyou for the warm welcome : )


Hi Kit, welcome