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Full Version: Looking for Skype friends
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Hello Smile

I'm looking for new Skype acquaintances which might become friends? Smile

It'd be cool if we had some things in common, so here is something about myself:

I'm 26 and I'm from Germany. I don't have any friends due to anxieties. I enjoy reading, books and manga. I enjoy good thrilling movies but I also follow sometimes anime and Japanese series. I love learning languages and I like to draw and write stories. I take part at the NaNoWriMo regulary. Also I enjoy watching football/soccer.

When I say Skype, I mean text only.
Male or female - I don't care as long as you're really nice and aren't lazy at typing. ("How are you?" instead of "How r u?")

Interested? Send me a PM with your Skype ID (and maybe some info about yourself so I can think of topics we could talk about.) I'll add you right away.

(Note: If someone is hoping to have an inappropriate "dirty talk"... save your breath. Not interested at all.)


There is a skype group for ALL that is text only, if you're interested

Hey, if you pm me your username I'll add you into both our groups. The call and the type one, up to you to decide what to do. We have 33 people in our text one and 20 in our call one.
(You also sound like you have the same interests as me, that's cool!)
Thank you for the offer but I have to say I'm not really the group chat type. Smile
Hi, I'm 22 and from Australia. Feel free to add me on Skype for a chat: peachykeen271 Smile


The skype chat is video chat (for those who have / want to be on camera) & mic (for those who want to speak). Some people don't like to do either so they will just reply by text, as they're more comfortable doing so.

We don't bite Smile
(08-06-2014, 03:54 AM)MrPaul Wrote: [ -> ]We don't bite Smile

You get hugged upon approaching like MrPaul's sig of the cat hugging the toy.

Also Sakura, I'm not a great chatter (or so I think) but I'm always here to listen to people so if you'd like to have me on your Skype list, feel free to PM me. (:
Indeed. Even if you're not into group chats, you're not obliged to do anything. I do video/mic chat, but I wouldn't command anyone to do anything. Yes, there may be times when someone asks "Why don't you try it? " But there's never a moment when someone says "You must do it". Whether or not you do, is your choice. Everyone's welcome. Smile


You have cool hobbies, I´m sure you´ll find someone who you can talk with:)
There are lots of nice people in here, so just get to know them if you wont get one right now, and sooner or later you´ll find your skype partner;)