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Hi. I am a 50-year old male in the USA, and I have lived alone for the past 7 years following a divorce. I tend to have issues with anxiety and depression, anyway, so it's been that much harder. People my age are all so wrapped up in their spouses or significant others and their kids that they don't have time for the friends they've already got, much less taking on any new ones, especially when it's a single person...often the only single person they know. When I'm at work, or volunteering at the animal shelter, people are nice to me, and are friendly toward me, but as soon as I am out of sight I am out of mind, too. They seem to instantly forget I exist as they go back to their families and busy lives. I moved a few years ago and I invited a dozen or so people from work, the shelter and other places over for a house warming type of thing...no one showed up. So...that's me. I live alone with my two cats, who are my best friends and give me all the friendship they are able to. I don't know what I'd do without them, but it's not really the same as human interaction. Anyway, it would be nice to develop some online friendships here with others who understand. Smile


Welcome to the forum. You sound very nice. And hello. Smile
Hello MusicMan, welcome to the forum! Hope you'll make some nice friendships from here.
Hi and welcome!
Welcome to the site. Smile
Hey there, welcome to the forum. Smile

People are reluctant to admit they're in need of friends. It's even harder when you have a partner. Often, I wish someone asks me for a drink or sth, but people assume that I have friends, and because I also have a wife and work I have no time for anyone or anything else. On the other hand, I pretend rushing somewhere to avoid humilitation of admitting that I feel lonely and that I have nothing better to do at that moment really. It's a vicious cirlce. Don't stop trying Smile I bet there are people longing for friends and companionship around you Smile
Hi MusicMan Smile welcome to the site.