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Full Version: someone to talk
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I'm looking for a friend or someone just to chat or write letters/postcards. I have a long-term partner/wife, but it's not the same as having friends around.

I'm 37, and quite eclectic. I'm studying nursing, love anthropology, ethnology, archeology and natural sciences (mainly biology, chemistry and geology). In none of these I'm an expert; and apart from nursing, they are more like hobbies. I also like jazz from 20s-40s, some folk, traditional and classical but mainly baroque music, Belle & Sebastian, or any music played by people I know, old b&w and independent movies, baking bread, cancer care and healthcare research, volunteering with older people, theatre, some poetry, hiking, organic food, sweet cherries, hazelnuts & doughnuts, ethnic, lgbt and environmental issues, tree climbing, some photography and DIY. Unfortunately, most of these things have been put on hold for a long time since I have no one to share them with.

I tend to be awkward and I guess I need someone with a lot of patience. Unfortunately, English is not my first language.


I would like to respond and attempt a freidnship but i havent talked to people soberly in over 30 years so i am not good at this. But i love your science hobbies, especially biology. And i am a male.
Hey rivermaze. Smile

I'd be happy to be your penpal. Smile
Thank you guys Smile