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Full Version: knowing your eyecolor = YOU'RE GAY
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This is entirely based on STEREOTYPES. So nothing too serious mind you.

Stereotypical gay male, MORE dedicated about appearance than straight males. Stereotypical gay female, LESS dedicated about appearance than straight females.


So, if you ask a random MALE if he knows his eye color and he answers "no", then he's more PROBABLY (not certainly) straight than not.

And, if you ask a random FEMALE if she knows her eye color and she answers "no", she's more PROBABLY (not certainly) gay than not.


Any thoughts on this hypothesis? I want everyone who posts in this thread to say if this applies to them btw.. This is serious science.

P.S.: Who doesn't know their own eye color?
(10-03-2014, 07:52 AM)Ymir Wrote: [ -> ]Bullshit?

P.S.: Who doesn't know their own eye color?

Exactly. Unless you're blind and nobody ever told you what color your eyes are.
@ Eve & Ymir : That's what I said..
I don't always know what color my eyes are. They change color, so really, I never know unless I look
Ralph Wiggum knows what colour his eyes are:



Ok, Imo the Op's second paragraph definitely is BS but...............................
the first paragraph applies to all the gays, male and female, that I know so would seem to be correct.
That's the dumbest thing I've read today.

Just thought you should know.
Let's all take the word of a lonely person who, based on all of the gays he knows (1? 1.5?), confirms the stereotype to be true.

Hate to be snippy but that kinda pissed me off. (<3)

Being gay does not make you more or less likely to be fashionable or care about appearance, male or female. Point blank.
Yeah, okay. So there are millions of driver's licenses out there with "unknown" next to "eyes."

Mine are hazel, so I guess I should start looking for Mr. Right starting tomorrow.
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