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Full Version: Sadness
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Ive been feeling so down lately. My grandpa died 2 weeks ago and im still sad and today i found out my aunt, who has been fighting cancer may only have a month to live, a few days if her intestines explode. things are so bad lately and im still trying to concentrate on school and work. barely passng some things.

i know i need to be strong for my mom and sister but it can be hard sometimes.
so sorry for your loss and your aunt's cancer...the only advice i have is to try to stay strong for your mom and your sister...i'm sure it will mean a lot to them...my heart goes out to you and yours...keep your chin up...
Thank you very much and i will try

and nice car pic
thanks senjina Smile


Like Dveeus said, try and stay strong for your family right now. They will appreciate it.
I'm so sorry you're going through such a difficult time Senjina.

Is there anywhere you can goto for some support? Over here we have Maggie's Centres to offer support to anyone who's life has been touched by cancer-this includes friends & family of those with cancer. Is there somewhere similar where you are?

Maybe there might be someone you could look to at school to talk to, a guidance teacher perhaps?

I understand about you being strong for your family but it's ok to need some support sometimes too.

Sending energy your way.
Thank you though im not sure about places but i know many people in student developement and they support me.
I'm so sorry for the loss of your grandpa and the issues with your aunt. It's commendable that you are trying to be strong for your Mum and sister but you have to look after yourself too. Grieving is a natural and healthy process and you can grieve and still be strong. Take care x *hugs*
Senjina, I'm so sorry for your loss and about your aunt. Sad *hugs*

Sending you well wishes and I hope you'll remain strong.
I'm sorry for your loss... It's never easy to deal with loss of loved ones...