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I am new to this forum. I am 27 and live in the East Coast. I find myself friendless these days with not too many people to talk to. I suffer from depression, anxiety, social phobia and have made a lot of mistakes in life. I am hoping to meet some new people here and try and connect because we are all social creatures by nature, so isolation and solitude majority of the time has done me more harm than good. I want to break out of a lot of bad cycles I have in my life. Loneliness and having no true friends is one of the cycles I want to break.
always good to meet new people.

but, more important to keep old relations.

welcome ^^ have a sit and feel free
Welcome to ALL, lilE.
Feel free to try out the chat room Smile


Hey and welcome to ALL. Im also on the east coast, what part are you from? Im in south carolina myself. Also as far as making friends, i know what you mean thats a tough ticket to punch sometimes, but theres some nice people here just hop into the conversations and im sure youll make a ton of friends.
Hey lilE, welcome to our big family Smile

You have to pass through various tests to be eligible for my friendship Toungue
Nah, just kidding. Glad to have you here, feel free to say whatever you want here, we have very big heart Big Grin
I'm sorry that being alone is such a burden to you.I revel in being alone and see it as being the best state in which I can be.
Hi,lilE and welcome!Smile


hi liLE *hugs you*welcome to the forum.


Hello and welcome to the forum! Lots of friendly and supportive people here. Smile
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