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Full Version: Once a day: What are you thankful for?
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I'm thankful that after years of feeling miserable and bitter, my life is finally starting to get better.
Thanks for waking me up from that dream It was turning into a real nightmare.
I'm thankful for having met such a wonderful person, my manager.
Her advices, it feels great when someone wants to listen.
for my poor old mother who drives me crazy but who does everything for me
I'm thankful for those moments in life - however brief they sometimes may be - where you feel really really good. Like when I'm listening to music and the perfect song comes on that makes me feel like I'm living in a dreamy, romantic reality. Or when I'm biting into some Taco Bell, with a side of Dr. Pepper. Ahhh Big Grin
so grateful to have a choice about where to live and what to do


Family support and a wonderful friend from London. Smile
Thank you, without you I would not have made it back. you're one helluva a person. I'm proud to be your best friend.


A couple of friends of mine.
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