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Full Version: Once a day: What are you thankful for?
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(03-10-2018, 07:07 AM)MisterLonely Wrote: [ -> ]I'm thankful for tapwater, and chocolate, and waffles, and peanutbutter!

...........damn you!
*dreams of peanut butter and nutella sandwiches*


The Chinese takeaway I had last night.
My pet.
A comfortable place to sleep.
My job.
Getting time away from family.
Today I'm thankful for my coffee table, the way my bare foot impacted one of the legs as I walked by, sharp pain shooting through my little toe, some swearing may have occurred at that time....


First day of day light savings. It always feels like a fresh start


I can get pretty good Swiss milk chocolate bars at WalMart and the price is right.
I'm thankful for my family and avocado toast with nooch Smile


A new job.
A knowledgeable manager who I can learn from.
Enough clarity and peace of mind to think for change and growth in myself.
I went to the beach by myself for the first time ever and I saw a few dolphins! They were so beautiful I almost wanted to cry! I'm so thankful I got to see that. Smile
I'm thankful for my best mate being by my side and also knowing that wherever I may be my family are always close.
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