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Full Version: Once a day: What are you thankful for?
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I’m thankful for being given a new favorite song to listen too. *singing to Tidal Wave*
Thanks to someone from over the North Sea.
I am thankful for my kids, they can try my sanity at times, but they fill me with such love.
I'm thankful for God and all he has blessed me with.
Am thankful that am still alive, others my age are gone. Life has really been tough for me lately but today is another opportunity to figure out how to make it better.
Am thankful to my employer for providing the internet, not so many of us are that blessed around here.
I'm thankful for all the little things that give me joy - like my favourite movies, tv shows, songs, and my creative passion for writing.
I’m thankful I have a nice warm, clean pool to swim in and a car to get me there.


My doggos. The kids I teach. Pizzzaaaaaa


Hillsong today great spring vibe ..young crowd..great music electro guitars aswell
Also great if your alone or go with a friend everyone welcoming really glad i found it 😁


I’m thankful for that bolt of lightning that hit me and left me feeling dazed. 😄
I'm thankful for the people on this forum who can make me chuckle.
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