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Full Version: Once a day: What are you thankful for?
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Someone remembered to say "bless you".


I am extremely grateful today to my best forum friend PenDragon for cheering me up.
^Glad I could do that, Mouse Wink

*Dragon Hug*
Today I am thankful for this site, because last night I had a lovely chat with someone in the chat room and it really cheered me up, and I'm hoping I've made a friend Smile


Laughter. Smile
Today, I am thankful for people returning my smile with a bigger smile Smile
The sunshine, after a weekend of cloud and rain
Had a talk with one of my instructors about the details of some of the course material. Apparently the questions I ask are above and beyond the level we're studying at, and are akin to "asking how the universe works."

Appreciate it, but am still curious at why only the men take interest in me as a student.

There are a lot of student workshops tomorrow, including one run by a former instructor who's a PhD. I'll see if I can't corner him and find some answers on the topic of life, computers, and the universe.
Today, I am thankful for my Grandma, She was such a fine lady. Smile I miss her.
For the friends I have made here.
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