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First of all I need to tell that I'm not from English-speaking country and can make alot of mistakes, so forgive me please.
Well let me introduce myself... My name is Stas, I am 22 years old and I live in Ukraine, Odessa. You might never heard of it. But it exist and You can find it in the world map.
I've read posts on this site and can tell you for sure that I also have such problems. But the thing is that I have or had all problems that I've read here.
I'm very stupid (also I like the phrase:"I am stuuuuuuupid" it makes me laugh). I had some pets in early years of my life. I had a cat that played with me but my grandmother (on Dad's line) killed him accidently. She and my cat lived in the village and one day she wanted to kill all rats and my kitty was there. She don't care of him or me. She don't like me and she hate my cat. I felt so bad about it... Have no pets nowadays.
I am very lazy. And I never do something on 100%.
I had some traitor friends.
When I was young, may be 8-9 years old I played with one girl. She was very nice and never hurt me unlike the rest of people that lived alongside. Also she have a realy big family. One shiny day we were walking and then her mother ask her for a dinner. Sudenly her brothers (more than 10 guys from 10 to 20/25 years old) came to me. Then they were beating me a lot and saying that I must be farther from their sister. Day to day I lived without friend, since that "brothers'es talking day" I haven't seen her. She never came out
or did but I wasn't there in that time. A week ended and her family got out of my street, I knew about it later.
Pretty often some company wanted to kick my ass. But I didn't give up. And they beat harder.
I had suiced thoughts but I got over it. I believe in God and I knew the consequences.
And I was realy ready for the Hell. But than I think about my mom, close relatives and that I'm stupid and have no reason to do it cuz there are people without arms, legs, etc. and I am living in one piece.
I have problems with girls and even wanted to become gay but quickly decided to keep this thoughts away from me cuz of God laws and my own consideration of the blue way.
I have a lot of girls dating with....4 may be 5 may be ZERO. No actual girl. No one likes me and I understand why but it still hurts. I was lucky in 2004 year, at least I thought so...I was at the movie theater with my young brother. The hall was almost empty. And here you
go...don't laugh it's true...she came in. She was a blonde and dressed in pink mini skirt and her top was pink too. Later I've noticed that her shoes also were pink. She was very attractive. And she say HI to me and sit close to me. We were talking to the end of film, quitely ofcourse. Film was over and so were our conversation. She say that her boyfriend is waiting for her and that's it. Then my aunt was trying to find me a girl, I didn't want to face her. However that unknown girl made first move and call me. Time past and she was too busy to go on date, and this is what happened next month. I ask -> she denied. I'm stupid but not that stupid. 2 years later I think to go on date online cuz no one will see me. So I met the girl. She was nice and I thought she is the one (I already told you that I'm stuuuupid). We dated 3 days, no kisses, no hugs, only talking to each other to know
better, though I like it. After 3 days she broke up with me by sending message on the phone. I closed myself from the world but time pass and I wanted to try again. No positive result, she didn't like me and I felt the same about her. From this point I begin to think I'm no one. And I found a lot of evidance of it.
When I was going to study in the university I choose profession and choose wrong. I wanted to be programmer but I can't even think logical or remember something for a long time.
If there is someone who is supposed to be the total loser that's me. I am realy the one of all. I have my legs and arms but I am stupid, lazy, and have very cool luck (if I won something like shirt then I'll lose something more expensive, etc). I have a lot of examples of my luck and more stories though I am too lazy to write them all in one day. And when I am saying "more stories" it doesn't mean that there are planty of them.

||||||||||||||||||||| 2-nd chapter ||||||||||||||||||

I wrote my story earlier but my internet was gone, that is why I am postimg now. One crapy day after another... and I am still alive. No one like me in my work. I am so stupid that can't even close the ambrella today. Simple task and I didn't do it.
I heard the song of Bloodhound Gang "Why everyone is pickin' on me" It is like my school life )))
I don't trust people on 100% anymore, don't think of things getting better. And you must be asking yourself: "Why did he post here ?" Very simple. I have problems of my own and had problems. See ? I HAD problems and now I haven't, atleast the old ones. The most of you have 1 or 2 troubles that chasing you, trust me they are nothing compare to mine
AND you can live through them sooner or later.
Hi there SunWeb and welcome Smile

I don't think your stupid or lazy. You know how to write in english even though its not your first language. I only know one language and that's english and I struggle with that.

I don't think your lazy as you write a lot there just for the one post.

I see you are religious. well I am glad that its made it so you are still with us.

This girl, OK it did not work out but this is why you have dates. You only had 3. That one did not work out but it dose not mean another well not.

And I think your english is fine Smile
Hello and welcome Smile Nice to meet you. I was sad to hear about your cat. I love cats. I don't think you are stuuuuuuuupid either. **giggles** Look forward to seeing you around, kiddo.
Stas, whats up.

stop calling urself stupid

Sorry, about ur kitty.
I'm a dog person though. I stopped getting them cause all dogs that I had sooner or later got run over by a car.So i have no luck either.
Incognita Wrote:Stas, whats up.
I can't believe my eyes

never mind... u got my post before I edited.
Ur quick
Incognita Wrote:never mind... u got my post before I edited.
Ur quick

lol Sorry. I see now Smile
Welcome Stas Smile
Hey Sunweb, and welcome.

Hey, you can communicate in at least 2 languages. That's not stupid in my book!
Hey everyone !!!!
1) English knowledge.
I don't know English very well and I make a lot mistakes. Some of them I see after writing something though it's too late to correct. I know a lot of people that know English and another languages.
2) Stupidness.
It is not that simple. In some cases I can solve problems using smart ways that no one even understand but in most of cases I don't know how to do very simple things and always make an eliphant from the fly.
3) 3 girls.
I had no girl. That was 2 girls whom I met with and one that I hear on the phone. Everyone else just don't notice me or say: "/*too rude to write it*/ out of me".

I had some hobbies...they were stupid though I like them. I made a little houses, fishing and...and...and that is all. Wait a minute that is not all, I have one hobbie that lives even now. I like movies and animation, and I wrote some stories in my early ages. I collect my favourite movies and now good movies are rear so I can't collect anymore, atleast nowadays.
There for I found my self another one. I bought game console and began to play games but that is not helping anymore. I even learned Japanise, just a few days ))) It is not hard to learn though it need time that I don't have. And I left it.
Today I'll go out into bowling with the colleagues. We are going there every year. Our boss pays for everything. They don't want me to go but I want to play this game, and it is for free.
I am religious and herein problem. I can not understand what do I have mind sickness or I saw everything on real. Certainly mind sickness is better. I was afraid so much that I couldn't sleep until one day I went to the church and saint father agreed to bless my flat. Since then I'm not afraid anymore and I can sleep whenever I want it to.
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