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Full Version: Hello, I'm new here!
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Hello, I'm new here. Not sure about the site but I'll give it a try. Feeling pretty isolated and alone. Missing things from my past.
Hi adonne. Hope you feel less lonely here Smile
Welcome to the site bud, i'm sure if you open up you'll find plenty of people to steer the loneliness away~
Hello adonne, welcome.

If you're looking for some company we have some fine people here, don't hesitate to speak up.
Thank you for the welcomes. I have severe trust issues and just getting on here was a big step. I am just looking for people to talk to and express myself freely and anonymously. I constantly wear a mask, so much so that at times I don't even know the real me. I can't say that I don't have friends because I do but I rarely talk to them and we don't do things together. My friends are all older than me and have families of their own. Also, they are not like me they are like the mask I wear and truthfully we have nothing in common and it is exhausting work to connect with them. If they knew the real me I truly feel that they would reject me and judge me for my past and the things I miss about that time. I am alone and it is of my own making.
Heyya how are u doing now? welcome on board and hope you find great people on board.. Smile
and am sorry for ur feelings of loneliness.. hope u feel less lonely on board..


hey adonne *greetings*******welcome to.the site******
You don't have to trust us right now, you just have to trust yourself and want to talk. In time you might find you can trust some of us, but you also might not and that's okay.
Now, this is just my opinion, but I don't think you're giving your friends enough credit. I'm sure they would love you if they knew the "real" you. It doesn't matter how good of a mask you wear, they can probably see more than you think they do.

Anyway, I hope you find what you're looking for here. Feel free to try out the chat room. Smile
Hey adonne, welcome to the forum. (:
Hello, and welcome!
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