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I am 17, male and from Germany. My hobbies are drawing, imagining stories and consuming movies, video games, music and comic books. I have been lonely all my life so far despite having one best friend and some other friends. I feel alienated from them, my parents and also from myself.

I could tell more about me, but think i'm gonna do this in the loneliness Subforum soon.

So, I am here to write stuff away and to read which experiences like-mindeds are having. Meeting nice new people should be great, too. Wink
Welcome Inland King Smile Wish you the best and from my personal experience, people are very nice in here. Know there is also a chat room.
Welcome to the forum Inland King! I think you'll enjoy your time here Smile


Hi there, welcome aboard Inland King. I'm Anna, pleased to meet you. Smile
Welcome aboard Smile
Hi Inland King, welcome to the site. Smile And that's a nice name! Big Grin
Hi Inland King Smile
Hello Inland_King, welcome to ALL Smile