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Hey everyone,

I just felt I wanted to re-introduce myself. I joined ALL I think in 2011 and I just logged back into the forum yesterday and I have made a few posts. I do kind of want to be a helpful presence, but I also am open to being helped myself as I am facing challenges in my life too. It's once been said "I'm alone, but not lonely." That describes me pretty well as I am often alone but not too often lonely. So I guess I would love to try and help people dealing with the very difficult issue of loneliness and try to make them feel less alone, perhaps my leading them to embrace solitude and/or by encouraging them with the knowledge that the future is bright, especially when we have hope. This can be a difficult line to straddle, but it is a good message and it never hurts to hear people say "things get better" because they often do especially when we believe they will.

Yes, for long-time members of the forum, I actually managed to get away with sort of starting and leading a fairly decent religious discussion 4 years ago, as I was a rabid but respectful Christian. Unfortunately, one of the struggles I have faced in these past 4 years is sort of losing hold of the faith I once had and dealing with a mental illness. Those 2 events are deeply intertwined, or at least that's what I believe. So you may hear some hints at some "faith-based" language when I post, that's only my still strong spirituality shining through and I hope you don't mind. Smile

Until we meet again

Welcome back to the forum QuesT! Glad you decided to return.
Thanks wolvesjr! I wouldn't usually respond right away like this but I just figured out what I think is a cool signature for me to use under my posts and I wanted to see if it would show up. haha

EDIT: yay it worked!! Jack Johnson is my favourite artist and I thought that line is particularily relevant to anyone, but especially this forum. check out the song anyone if you are interested! the opening lyric, just to pique your interest: "All at once, the world can overwhelm me..." it's a nice, mellow, hopeful song
Welcome back QuesT Smile
Welcome back, QuesT. Smile
Thanks guys! Smile
Hey man, welcome back Smile


Welcome aboard, QuesT. Smile
Thanks very much PenDragon and Mouse!! Big Grin This community seems like a great one to be a part of.


(04-05-2015, 06:58 AM)QuesT Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks very much PenDragon and Mouse!! Big Grin This community seems like a great one to be a part of.

Welcome, one who has stepped through the wardrobe.
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