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Hi Everyone,
I joined this site a few weeks ago but like some people I didn't have the courage to actually post anything. I turned 35 a few days ago and faced with the prospect of never actually getting the confidence to actually do something with my life I was faced with two options (1) I could carry on sitting here looking at this glorious sunshine through the window and sitting on my sofa,although I admit I have been doing that for far too long (2) I can do something about my life starting right now and make this the start of something positive. I become very isolated partly due to social anxiety and partly to do with this viscious cycle of low self confidence. I need to change this and want to change this so hopefully there are some like minded people out there for me to get to know.
Welcome to the forum, Serephina Big Grin
Thank you
Hey Serephina, welcome to the forum. Hope you find what you're looking for here, good luck.
Welcome to the site, Serephina! Nice name. Smile
Hi Serephina. Option 2 sounds good Smile
Hi Serephina,welcome to the site! Smile Smile Great to see more people from England on here! Smile
Welcome to the forum Serephina! Smile


Welcome abooard, Serephina. Smile
Welcome Serephina! I hope your experience with ALL is as good as mine has been for over the last three years!
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