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Full Version: Greetings from Australia
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Hello there,

I am a shy guy and like a lot of you, lead a somewhat "lonely" life.

I am dying to meet new people, get invited to parties, potentially make new friends, but I just don't know how. I have maybe a couple of good friends, but it really feels like I have no friends at times. Sure, I think that these people are great to talk to about anything, but they don't really want to just 'hang out' and stuff.

I am not seeking a relationship with a girl at this point in time because that isn't the solution to my problem - lack of friendship/activity partners. Although, I have to admit that this somewhat eternal singleness makes me feel down at times. I think I am worthy of finding a lovely girl, but yeah....

I really used to enjoy going out on the weekends to clubs, bars and parties when I was younger; but I haven't done any of these in about two years. I am getting older and want to enjoy my youth while I still can. I used to go out with acquaintances from university at the time, but we have drifted apart. I look on facebook and always see people on my list who have tonnes of pictures of themselves out partying and such, I wish I was doing that too.

I don't have too many hobbies, and the ones that I do have are rather geeky/male orientated - I have an interest in tinkering with anything mechanical or technological. I do go to the gym, but that isn't really a good place to socialize.

I am a soon to be working professional, but am quite scared about making a bad impression in the office. I am frightened that my shyness (extreme in some cases) will prevent me from making a good working relationship with my co-workers.

Welcome. I'm glad you joined. Smile
Welcome lonelyshyboy!
Welcome lonelyshyboy to A lonely life

I do know what you mean about having good friends, but deep down you still feel lonely. Sometime the friends you hang out with are good people, but don't do thing you particularly like. Suffice I have one friend in college, though I like to exaggerate that I have none, because often time I feel that one friend just isn't enough especially when I have no female friend whatsoever. I like to go hiking and I like to go bowling, but he doesn't seem to like to do any of those thing. On the other hand he like to play Frisbee and go running, which I am not so interested in. Well we still talk often but there are times where a week past, and we haven't even talk. It bother me that now he like this girl, that our friendship is nonexistence, and him moving in an apartment off campus next year along with his new friends is gonna be pretty hard next year. Nevertheless he a great guy, and wouldn't think twice on lending me some money when I'm in need, and that one trait about him that are quite rare these day, but I still want to find friend I can "hang out", and I think we both know what that mean.

Ease yourself in slowly, take it day by day, there's nothing wrong with you.
Hi welcome dude from england, The other side of the planet Smile

I think you defferently make some friends here. And we have a few members here from the land down under Smile

I know what you mean about facebook. But you know I have found that ppl are moor inclined to message you on there if you don't have like a 1000 ppl as friends and 2000 picks of your self. Makes you moor approachable Smile

Anyway am glad your a member here. You seem like a friendly guy Smile
Hello Shy and welcome Smile I look forward to seeing you around.
You will find many nice people here and some are really into computers and such.
Welcome ^_^. You are accepted here, it's great. Hope your social problems get resolved nice and soon.


Welcome to the forum! Smile
Everyone is welcome, shy or not so shy. You will certainly find something of interest here, along with a lot of friendly folks. We look forward to seeing you often. (hug)

Man, I know what you are talking about and I can't help you. But I know what to do. You realy need to go somewhere with some of your friends(or just ask a girl) you don't know so much. And then you can be more liberated. I know it sounds wierd but that is true. With an unknown man you can be unchained. He does not know you, and you him. With friends you behave as you want to because it is your friends and you don't need to worry they certainly reconciled oneself to with your conduct and you do not have a stimulus to become better.
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