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Full Version: Hire the Person Above You
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Let's give some people some jobs! Just for fun.. (let's keep it appropriate please)

I would like to hire....

Punisher to be my personal shopper at Christmas time this year!
Amy, I hire you to make some carrot cake.


Consider it made, fine sir Big Grin

I hire Oldyoung to be my son's lifetime tutor in math (will come with a lifetime of carrot cake, of course)
I hire Ladyforsaken to be my Fairy Godmother.
It's hire the person above you She-ra,but it's the perfect job for LadyF! (:

I hire She-ra to help Pastry Chef Amy bake us some cookies and cakes.

It's not fair Amy,you take all the good stuff to the chatroom,we people on the forum are hungry too!Toungue
I hire Magalie to start the clothes drier for me.
I hire Oldyoung to sit by the fire and keep it stoked.
I hire Sometimes to fix my noisy washing machine.


I hire Oldyoung to brew my tea for the day.
I hire AmytheTemperamental to go to the movies with me. She doesn't have to sit with me. I'll buy her ticket and her popcorn. I just want to take her to the movies.
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