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Hello all thought it was about time i made a post considering how long i have read these forums.Im 18 and live in the uk and ive been lonely for what seems like an eternity. Ever since i was young ive allways had problems with anxiety and i got worse particually when i went to secondary school where i simply couldnt cope with the masses of people .

What started as anxiety eventually drove me away from everyone i knew and today leaves me alone with none ever to talk to and feeling kind of trapped. Untill earlyer this year since my early teens i was slightly overweight perhaps chubby and i guess it never helped my confidence allthough 7 months ago i completly changed my lifestyle in a hope of changing myself into something new. In a way i have succeeded ive lost all the weight and am now slimmer than most peeps i know am quite fit and am a bit of a health freak.

Despite this though i still feel the same i still look in the mirror and see a fat ugly failure.It seems no matter how i change my appearance im still treated the same, i allways get these looks like there is something galringly obviously wrong with me that all the world can see. One thing ive alllways wanted is for someone to just be honest with me and tell me what it is that is wrong with me.

This september im planning to go back to college which is now only 1 month away, my first year at collage left me in dissaray as i had such high hopes of how it would be only to have it all fall arround me and nothing changed i was still left alone and disconnected possibly worse then ever.I just dont want to be alone anymore but it seems nomatter what i do my efforts are in vein and im just meant to be alone.

Well im sorry for the long post this is like 1 millionth of the stuff i wanna say lol but i just dont wanna make to long of a post and not have anyone read it. I just want to thank alot of posters on this forum because alot of you are incredible realy i love the stuff you wright its made me think alot about myself and helped me in many ways.

Ty to anyone who replies
Welcome MooK Smile

I'm glad you decided to post.
Hello Mook!!!
Nice to meet you Smile Glad you decided to introduce yourself to us. There are lots of friendly people here and it's a great place to meet friends. I look forward to seeing you around. Let us know how the first day goes at college. Smile
Hi there Mook and welcomeSmile

I guss the lesson here is it don't matter as much as we thing about the looks. I mean you have lost all the weight and got in shape but yet you still struggle to make friends. Well its not about how we look. its the confidence we carry with in. OK looking good and feeling good well give you moor confidence normally. But don't we all know ppl that are overweight and don't even look that good yet they have lots of friends. Its how you carry yourself that counts. And what you think of yourself. Well all this just my own opinion of course.

am glad you joined Smile
hey Smile nice to meet you,im from the uk aswell Big Grin


Welcome, MooK. Smile
hello, nice to meet you, I have a lot of social anxiety as well and went to see a counselor about it eventually and they helped quite a bit, it might help you and a lot of colleges have free counseling might be something to look into if you want

Congrats on getting healthy that is a big accomplishment and you should be proud of that, I need to get in shape lol

Welcome to the forum Mook
Hey Mook!
whats happening mook!
Welcome To the site.
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