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Full Version: solitary ethereal feelings
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finally i found a forum that i can cherish and treasure. i'm lonely. everyone is. sometimes i get so lonely that i feel like i'm in a massive despondent void. nihility is what i feel. sometimes i cut myself just to feel the pain. the pain feels good. i hate everyone and there are a very few people who can understand me. i'm a sojourner wandering the vast limitless void. my world is bleak and dark and raw. i hope to find some similar people here. i'm silverblackvoid. hello to everyone at a lonely life.
Hello Silverblackvoid_ll and welcome. Smile
There are all kinds of lonely people who visit this forum. There are a lot of friendly people here, too. I hope you find the friendship and support you need here. I look forward to seeing you around Smile
Hallo silverblackvoid_ll and welcome here Smile

There is other ppl here who have cut them self, hopefully that might be of help to you.

I hope we can be of some help to you Smile
well yeah, im kinda masochistic.
Hey Silverblackvoid_II, and welcome.


Hey Silverblackvoid welcome to the forum, ya i know what you mean sometimes i just wish all of human civilization woukd just end. I think The world would be a hell of a lot better without us anyways.

ps i think your name is tottally rad

Big Grin
well thanks evanescencefan91. ur avatar is cuteSmile i too sometimes wish the whole civilization to end. but there must be a handful of enlightened souls left to build a superior civilization. knowledge should be the ultimate cognition. hatred should be nihil. wouldn't it be awesome???
Welcome silverblackvoid_ll
silverblackvoid_ll Wrote:well yeah, im kinda masochistic.

that was me a year or two back.
and that was prolly me he was referring to.
but yeah, you don't sound like you want to change that. which I understand.
we're not going to think you're a bad person because of it, though people will prolly worry if you talk about it much. they're a caring bunch.
anyway, welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the void of lonley people! haha

We are all alone together... sounds funny hu?

A couple of my past girlfriends were into cutting... you really need to get off that. It always turns out bad!
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