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To be alone in it's own way is a form of independence from the the rest of the world. If only to a minor extent. Like George Orwell wrote about Winston in the great, 1984, the only place to truly be free in some cases is the few cubic centimeters of space between your ears.

However this does come at a cost, as Nietzsche put it "To be Independent is the business of a few only; it is the privilege of the strong." But only the absolute strongest of us can deal with complete isolation, shut ins, hermits, and the like. Admirable but not completely practical in my case. As Aristotle put it "To live alone one must be an animal or a God."

So that I guess, brings me here. In my severing of the rest of the world I still have that need, whether genetically predisposed from our herd-like human behavior (Don't knock it, it has kept us living all these millenia) or ingrained into me from being born into a civilized society, to deal with other people.

It's not a wretched business, I generally like helping people and all that. I do however find it difficult to communicate and find people I can get along with. Being introverted and having lone wolf tendencies really hasn't helped my case in social circumstances. I do however, like being alone for the most part.

So yeah, to stop rambling, I just want to meet a few tolerable people. I may as well make it those who are supposedly of my own kind. Greetings all of you, you seem to have a nice place here.
Welcome Unacceptance Smile
Hey unacceptance
All very well said. Welcome, Unacceptance. I hope you find this place of use.


Welcome. I hope that you will post often and possibly find things of interest here on the forum.

Hi Unacceptance and welcome here Smile

I agree hole heatedly with you about to live alone you have to be independent and strong. There are to many ppl in the world with ppl they do not love and even get abused by because they are frightened of living alone.

And yes this place is good with lots of nice and interesting ppl here Smile

Hope you fined a friend or two Smile
welcome Smile i think you will like it here, im new too and everyone has been very nice to me here so far Smile
Welcome Unacceptance, I'm glad to meet you. If ya ever wanna talk just send me a message, I'd be glad to chat with ya. I'm a lil ol lady, (heh), but we have the city in common. I hope you enjoy the site and meet alot of ppl with common interests here. It's a great place. Welcome again and hope to see lots of posts. Doll