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Full Version: New Years Resolution
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I've made up my mind that I'm going to do my best not to concern myself too much with the fact I will be 25 in less than two months and have never had a real relationship and don't have much sexual experience. Instead I'm just going to focus on cultivating the qualities I want to see in myself and achieving as many goals for myself as I can. I think I'll be a much happier person for all this than I will be for focusing on my lack of a relationship.
Don't worry my friend, it's not that uncommon and to be honest your at an age that what u want is evolves. I fell in love at 16 by 25 we were very different people, so different it couldn't work, many relationships have that problem which is why they fail. Be thankful you've had the time to find yourself by yourself, you'll make someone a much better partner for it!
i think that is a wonderful resolution that you are focusing on all of the qualitis that you would like to see in yourself, that is areal positive in any potential relationship i wish you all the very best Paraiyar
I wish you all the best on this resolution and hope that you'll achieve them as planned. That said I also wish you all the best in the relationship department, who knows what's in store for you in 2016, eh? (:


Thanks everyone. Lady F, I really hope your health improves a lot in 2016.
Thanks Paraiyar, I greatly appreciate that. I hope so too. (:


That's a good attitude to start the year with, and I hope that you achieve some of those life goals. Maybe even meet someone special along the way?