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Full Version: Tis the Season to be Jealous
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So as cliche as it might seem. Valentine's day brings out the forever alone in me. I should remember no one wants me every other day of the year but around this time with adverts everywhere, friend's lovey dovey Valentine's plans and the years that go by with each Valentine's, I have become weary of my lack of a love interest.

It's not even that day yet but it's already getting to me. Who else slowly dies inside at the sight of your friends all coupled up on a night out and you're sitting there like a third wheel? I should be used to it now but NONE of my original friends are single. It's just me. Why just me. Why do I draw the short straw of life?

Well I chose that straw. I'm to blame for the majority of how messed up my life has become and I'm only just piecing it back to it's previous state, before I met my first love.

So I'm asking for a way to fill the void of no one to love in my life. *insert be content with friends and family here*

I imagine dating sites are a lot more popular around this time and I was wondering if it is more of a viable option than the usual struggle for sanity I find myself in when I visit them throughout the year.

If not then at a bar/pub/club, what is the best advice for finding a girl with mutual interest in me? I met some girls recently through friends but I have been out of the relationship scene for so long that I have no clue what I'm doing and I think it will always end in befriending her rather than getting any further.

Who else feels an inner pressure to sort their romantic life out around this time of the year? And is it just as depressing for you?


Yep and the irony is that Valentines day is also my Birthday. Feeling quite low tonight.
Jealous of all the single people. I usually have to share my candy.
Nah. I'm not jealous of couples. I've reached the point where V-Day doesn't register with me anymore. When I valued the desire for female companionship, I cared more. But now, it's not a day that bothers me because it's someone else's party that I'm not sure I want to attend. It's just one of many kinds of celebrations that I don't share with other people, and I don't have any fiery yearning to change that at the moment.


I'm not jealous of couples who have each other in Valentine's day, I'm just happy for them that they have found someone to share their life with and be all mushy mushy. I would be lying though if the idea of not being able to do the same wouldn't make me feel at least a tiny bit of sad. My day will come, someday~
My valentine is ME. I am so eating ALL of the chocolate and watching all the movies I want to watch. ☺
I don't normally care too much about Valentine's during the times I've been single. Even if I see a lot of couples and places celebrating Valentine's, I always manage to just shrug it off and actually was happy for those who have someone to celebrate it with. I guess I've always been indifferent so it never really affects me much.

(02-09-2016, 03:34 PM)Paraiyar Wrote: [ -> ]Yep and the irony is that Valentines day is also my Birthday. Feeling quite low tonight.

Sad *hug*
I work with three people who are all married, so glad it is on a Sunday this year. The Monday after is supposed to be a holiday so hopefully we're closed all day. Probably not but hopefully.
Hmm. I just treat it like another day of the week. Considering my frugality and reserved nature, I'm pleased there's no need for me to buy gifts or make grand gestures Toungue.
Even when I was in a relationship, I didn't care about that day. It's just a commercialized holiday. Now, if I got chocolate, I didn't complain, but I didn't expect anything.
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