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I'm new here and thought I might introduce myself!

I'm a female in my mid twenties now and I guess I've been feeling rather lost in life lately, I'm trying to get my life back on track but I've been lonely for the last year or so. I have anxiety and depression and this makes it difficult for me to meet new people. I feel more comfortable talking online so I'm really glad I found this place Smile

I'm looking forward to hopefully getting to know some of you on here! Smile


welcome to the forum Smile
Hello and welcome to the forum, i have similar issues as do some others so i am sure you will find someone to chat with Smile.
Hi there. Smile
Ok Unalone.. Ive been alone all my life so Id say thats well before you were born.... I visit and post many articles so im aware of trolls and how 2 spot them...I was on this site a year ago and only got the same cliche crap.. I do not BS anyone , even those i most despise... So without knowing much about you itll be very generic advice ( if thats y ur here)... I'll presume ur staight and have no real deformities....Woman USED to go for men who were profound in intelligence and wealthy?had social standing... Now they want Bad boys/ muslim types actually and guys who are basically big and arrogant... they are turned of by gentle giants and men who put more than 3 grunts together... Media/religion/education..the whole shebang.... Men have always gone after looks... Thats being challenged by feminism and fast food corps with a vested interest in the big is beautiful campaign.... So you need 2 handle ur depression as naturally and wholly as pos. 1.. Eat organic and drink raw veg juices..research this. I do and never ,ever feel depressed..Your weight will modify as well up or down as to what is correct for you..2.. My 3 turnoffs...1fat, 2..body odor,especially feet, 3...anything non feminine...Now we could argue all things PC but again cliche ,half way to nowhere crap...Things to do...1..Ice skate or inline...I used to race so it kept me 100% fit, healthy and mentally sharp..Plus you will meet heaps of guys 20 something...2... Self defence...Do brazilian jujutsu .... same reason as before and you get to wrestle them...3.. Dont accept anything youve ever learnt about anything... its all BS....Become a Truthseeker.... this is what i do online and if done correctly you'll meet tons of DECENT people who are like minded...You WILL learn things that are so left field that you say them dead pan instead of as a joke... eg... Flat earth conspiracy....I show people UN map of world (which is the correct map of world and say...Where is Antartica on this map??....Dead Pan ,No smile,dead serious...This requires research... All these suggestions come from me ,seeing that there were a lot of athletic guys and very few woman in these areas.... The odds are in your favour...You cannot mechanically and quickly change depression.. You have to convince you....
Hello and welcome. I'm in my 20s too and live in Belgium. I introduced myself here a few days ago. Feel free to PM/e-mail me if you like.
Hey Unalome, welcome to the forum!
Thank you for the welcome everyone Smile
Hi Smile
How could I forgot to post here? Oh, nevermind: Welcome! (In retrospect Toungue)