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I found this forum the other night when I was feeling extremely lonely, which I have felt more than enough for many years. I don't know if I really belong here. I have spent over a year and a half improving myself esteem and working on depression, so I don't have many of the problems that I used to have; however, sometimes, I still become lonely, which causes me become depressed.
Hi, I'm kind of curious, how have you been improving them yourself?


Nice to see You here Ghost.
Hi welcome ghost, hope you like it here.
Unacceptance Wrote:Hi, I'm kind of curious, how have you been improving them yourself?

Therapy, medication, reading books, and changing bad habits while developing good ones is how. I am no longer in therapy or on medication. Some habits have to do with diet and exercise, but most are cognitive.


Welcome Ghost, good to hear you've been improving your self esteem Smile I hope you'll enjoy this forum and that it can help you further.

Have a great day!
Welcome Ghost Smile


welcome to the community Ghost..
Welcome to the site Ghost
Cool. That's admirable.

You'll never get away from a basic human emotion however.
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