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Full Version: What are you really good / talented at?
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I am shockingly good at geography. I mean I can just be dropped into almost any city and find what I am looking for. Mostly without an iphone. I might need a few hints but... a lot of things that mystify others seem to be obvious to me. Like if I am in City X and I am traveling on a road named City Y in City X... chances are that road leads to City Y. If you are looking for something like a concert and your lost, start following where the traffic is going, chances are, they are going there.

I am also have decent instincts. This doesn't apply to people. I swear a day doesn't go buy where something turns out to be bad for you and I think... ha, I don't use that anyway. Most recently it was discovered that candles (cheap) aroma can be toxic. I was like HA... never liked candles anyway. Usually this applies to food or things I don't use because somehow I just don't prefer them and then find out they aren't good for you.

And YOU?
Nice topics! This is indeed a good idea not only to encourage positive thinking, but also it's a perfect way for people to find what they're really good at.

I'm actually a somewhat okay (mediocre) musician (instrument player), and a bit better composer. I hate reading music from sheets, but I usually can play any melodies as soon as I hear the tune. But what I'm really good at is improvisation. I literally can sit any time next to the piano and create a melody immediately, and do it even for ten minutes without becoming tired.

I also have somewhat great instincts either. While I'm actually bad at geography (in contrary to OP), you literally can put me out anywhere, tell me a "goal" to reach and you can make it sure I will do it in record time. Not only I have surprisingly great physical treatments for hiking, but also can find the place where should I go, simply by following basic "rules of nature" and my instincts.
Knowing a lot of random shit about a lot of random shit.

I havn't played chess in years but I was able to win a few tournament/state trophies when I did use to play it.

Other than that I'm pretty good at being mediocre at a lot of different things.
I've got quite a good memory, especially when it comes down to visual information which I practically soak up. It's a bit of a double-edged sword as a whole, because I remember all sorts of insignificant things and facts too which are simply added to my common knowledge. Along with things I wish I could unsee/unknow. Also have an eye for small details.

Besides that I'm good at observing, analyzing and deducing. Usually coming up rather quickly with answers or solutions to all sorts of daily problems.


I also have a pretty good sense of direction which I discovered when I traveled through Europe on my own. I think I'm an alright composer and an alright guitar player. I was a good writer when I was a child, haven't really done much of it in my later years but I feel like I could be good.
See, when I ask this question, I really can't think of anything and I'm not even trying to be depressing about it. Really can't find anything I'm good at. :|

I guess, being observant is quality I have, but when it comes to a talent I can show or do with - nothing I can think of.
i've written a handful of poems, like 20. and i think most of them are of good quality. but recently ive been having writers block which is very frustrating to deal with.
(03-07-2016, 11:42 PM)ladyforsaken Wrote: [ -> ]See, when I ask this question, I really can't think of anything and I'm not even trying to be depressing about it. Really can't find anything I'm good at. :|

Maybe you just haven't found it yet. I never knew I was talented in geography until I started driving and I had to go places on my own.
Not too toot my own horn or anything, but i can hold my own in poker. Smile I learned to play it at a young age, and just find the entire thing relaxing. Which in many cases sounds crazy because it can be a nerve wrecking game to play.
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