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Hello everyone

i am very drunk...and alone. they tell me, is not good, but i like it. alcohol really is the solution to all problems....escpet LIVeR DISEASE. EEEnnyway is everyone on this sitea from the uk or what? very reespectable island chain,but wHAT SI wiTH THe sHEEP!?!? what on earth do yoo do wiht all those sheep? how much wool do you really need?and i mena, who eats sheep? nobody i know.

depression and loneliness ans such related things. suck a BITCH. My life... is not so bad, i guess. i have a few friends 9 very few) but i has no luck with the womens,and i spend like ALL TEH freAKIN TIME alone. literally i havent said anything polysyllaic in weeks. anyway,i kind o f loathe myself, which sucks i guess? I dont kniw. i dunno

Anyway, that is my sad story. Everybody have a nice day!

imserioius about those sheep. google had NOTHIN to say about that question
for when you are sober,

welcome..tell us more about yourself...
what did you do today?
HI pernjuke and welcome mate Smile

I went camping over the weekend and in the field next to me was a lot of sheep. And let me tell you them buggers are loud. Keep me awake all night they did. BErrr this and Berrr that lol there is no need. Well I have no clue why we have so many sheep lol I tell you one thing tho, There could very easily had been a few less sheep if I had got my way over the weekend. I could had gone to the city for the weekend, I think it would of been moor peaceful Smile
A lot of sheep in the UK?

When i'm in need of a good sheep i just head for Wyoming.

[Image: vmxh0z.jpg]

HAHAHA lol ^
hahaha you think you have sheep? go to new zealand where there are more sheep then ppl about double the amount i think, us aussies tend to rip on them generally about the use of sheep as a substute for their lack of female companionship ... not me of course *cough cough* i leave those kind of jokes for the rougher crowd but if you want to hear some i think some one once gave me a book of them laying around here somewhere...
after re-reading that, i think i should cut the drinking a little bit

and there seems to be no answer to the sheep question...I guess it must take like a hundred sheep to make one wool sock or something. I dunno.
lol Midnight Feather, I'm a New Zealander living in Aussie and when I had several jobs the first things to come out were the sheep jokes, they were funny but how many sheep jokes can you guys have.
btw welcome dude, hope you like it here.