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Full Version: Just wanted to say hi!
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Hello fellow lonely lifers; i just recently registered on this site and felt like making a thread about me as a friendly introduction Smile

I'm in my twenties, but i have a younger soul. I've had some close friends in my teens and i used to play mmorgs so i kept some virtual friends for awhile; i haven't played any online games in quite some time but still have an interest in getting back into them in the future. I play some quitar atm and read and write stories to occupy my time these days. I have a pet black kitty named Annie who keeps me company and makes me laugh Toungue

I don't have much other people to talk with these days so I was searching the net and found this forum and I miss talking on message boards and this place seems like a nice place for solitary guys/gals like me to interact with each other.

I'm leaving out some stuff but I guess i'll become more known the more i post on here!

have a g'night/morning/afternoon everyone.
Welcome Smile
Take care and have a good night, morning or afternoon. Smile
Welcome, nostalgic!
Greetings, lonely traveler!
Thanks everyone for the welcomes Wink
Welcome to the forum Smile.
Hello to you too, NostalgicArcticEmo.
Hello and welcome to the forum. Hope you will enjoy your time here.