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Good afternoon people, 
I hope that you are all feeling okay-ish? I'd like to discuss a personal subject that can be a bit embarrassing. 
"Personal Hygiene" 
I know you have discussed this before but as my first thread, I wanted to discuss something I have a problem with and hope other people can relate. 
I have not been outside my flat in 3 years. The painters were outside last year painting the brickwork and I could not tell you what color it is. So, I don't meet a lot of people. The last person I spoke to was 3 weeks ago and that was a Jehovahs witness who knocked on my door. So because I don't go out, I don't have a good Hygiene routine. I have a wash once a month wither I need it or not. SO how do you guys keep up with washing and keeping your clothes clean and even doing housework? Is it hard for you as it is me and do you have any advice on how to solve the problem? 
As I said this is my first thread so a bit nervous.


I make lists in the morning and complete what's on my list. I don't make it unrealistic. I admit, some nights I say fuck the shower, but because I work in a restaurant I can't really let that go on for more than a day. I do laundry when there is a full load,  which is easy for my house. House work is pretty standard, clean up as I go. If I am cooking, I have a sink of hot water ready for the dishes. And a rag readily available for messes. As for folding the laundry and keeping my bedroom clean.... still trying to get there
Three years since you went outside and you don't really talk to other people face-to-face? OK, personal hygiene left untended could be off-putting to other people, and I'm assuming that as a social isolate, your social skills are maybe a bit rusty too.

OK, right now I'm thinking that the qualities of your personhood aren't defined by your personal hygiene....however there is, there just is, a consensus of public opinion that body odors (..odours to my UK cousins..) are, well....objectionable. As is greasy unwashed hair, mung on one's teeth, grime under one's fingernails and clothes worn unwashed for days at a time. All these issues, left neglected, will quite simply render social interactions a bit more likely to be unsuccessful.

Advice? OK. Clean underwear every day. Brush one's teeth every morning. Floss between your teeth and give the floss a sniff.....decomposing food stuck between your teeth really smells bad. Sniff test? Yeah....give your pits a sniff. Sniff your clothes and trust your sense of smell. As a general rule, I only wear a shirt for one day, so a clean shirt every day and clean socks every day too. Shampooing? Judgment call on that....depends on how oily or how long your hair is. BTW, when was your last haircut? When in doubt.....wash. Housework? There's wiggle room on that one....there are acceptable variances on how much clutter is OK. Again, odors are key. Also, if one has to navigate past piled up possessions to get to another part of one's flat, that's a good sign that it's time to tidy up a bit.

I'm kind of guessing here that imposing a hygiene regimen on yourself is a good, practical step to getting out of your flat and living a more socialized life. And another thing: I'm not trying to be a patronizing smartass. I'm taking your post at face value and speaking with respect to your personhood.
I was once told from an older gentleman to shave every day. That way you can say that you at least accomplished something for the day. I apply this to my
daily routine and am happier with myself for dong so.


Firstly, do you really want to get into a new routine and do you actually care about hygiene, if not then it's not likely to happen methinks.
If you do, as Amy The Temperamental suggested, making a list is a good way to go, ticking each item each day when it's completed and I think you might find a sense of satisfaction when you have done each days tasks.
Oh, and it's much more comfortable and pleasant personally to be clean and smell fresh.............you might enjoy it Smile
I do want to change, sometimes it gets so bad I don't want to leave my room let alone the flat.

Constant stranger: I do appreciate your honesty and reading your post was difficult because I am probably a lot worse that the list you make. I do a washing when I have to. There is a great app called "Laundry App" and they come and pick up your washing and deliver it back to you in a couple of days. But why should I bother when there is no on here with me.
Looking at myself right now, I have really long fingernails, they are dirty and I have long unwashed hair, I am sure I have fleas as I get the odd bite. I have let myself go so bad I just can't get on top of things. I open my windows every day to let in some fresh air but I am guessing I need to clean the place and myself. Making a list does sound good but where do I start?
If you want to change then do so, start by getting a routine to shower and wash yourself, try to get it up to once a day.
Asfar as your flat goes it realy isn't rocket science, just start cleaning something every day, i'm guessing you have a lot of time to waste so if you were to setan hour apart to clean every day that wouldn't be to diffucult to manage... don't over do it, if you start cleaning sun up to sun down you'll burn out and eventually go "fuck this shit" and you'll be right back where you started in no time.

Start with cleaning up "rough" you can spend a day cleaning one area to perfection and then just track dirt and filth from other places into that area, making it not seem worth while to even clean it in the first place.

Good luck!


Hi, this one hit home for me. I also find it difficult to do dishes and laundry (the two chores I hate most).

And, I get that, because you don't go out, you don't see much of an incentive to look/feel/smell good.

But, I really do think that having a clean home (and a clean body) can have a huge positive impact on how you feel. As much as I hate cleaning, I feel so good when I walk into the kitchen and don't see a stack of dirty dishes, or when I see that the clothes hamper isn't overflowing. And, after I get out of the shower, that feeling of freshness is hard to put a price on. So, I just remind myself of that when I debate whether or not to do the cleaning.

See how good you feel when everything is clean, and see if that can motivate you to stay clean.
It's probably best to start by cleaning a corner of your home each day - maybe start with the bathroom if personal hygiene is the issue.

I can't really help much with everything else because my mother was a hoarder and I think I've inherited some of those tendencies.

It becomes really hard to manage housework if you've got a lot of stuff.
if you think personal hygiene isn't important its not the same for most of the people around you
It is really hard in a work environment if you need to work near someone with poor hygiene practices
I realize as the day wears on we might not be fresh in warmer weather BUT at the start of a shift body odor shouldnt be gagging at a distance
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