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Full Version: what's your favourite movie.
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My favorite movie is -Saving private Ryan.
What's yours ?
I like that one too Pino. Smile

I guess for me it's probably a toss up between: Shawshank Redemption, Garden State and Fifth Element, they all have one thing in common in that I have no idea why I like them as much as I do Smile


I like war movie.
Mine would be the original The Thing From Another Worom 1951. 50's sci-fi at its best with good character development
[Image: 512G9J05RJL.jpg]
So many great movies out there, but this one has stood the test of time for me - first saw it as a 9-year old back in 1981, still love it as much now as a ..... (well, you do the math) 😜😂

[Image: zbekx.jpg]
The Avengers franchise at the moment for me.
Gonna have to go with...

Stargate (1994)
"Papillon", the old movie about men's friendship and imprisonment in Devil's Island.
"scary movie"
lol specially when I scared after watching horror movies I watched this one to make sure everything I watched scary isn't that bad.oh well talking about this one I am remembering every scene of movie "ring" .well I am scared now.

btw honestly I love shutter island.
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