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Full Version: Relationships stopped right after beginning
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Not exactly a discussion starter, guys, but I really need to vent.
At 29, I've never been successful in dating, and for last year I didn't date at all. Some time ago I found by chance a great girl, we have plenty in common, she's kind, funny, caring, beautiful. We had great time together... And today she told me she's going overseas to get a Masters degree.
Damn it... I'm glad that she found a way, but as for myself - I'm devastated.
No desire to try any relationships ever.
I dunno what else I could do, but this night it's gonna be lots of beer and rum. Sad
Tried talking to psychologists, but it didn't help a bit. They just don't understand me :-(
well I feel ya man, but still you can also take a positive note from this experience - you had someone, she really liked you which means it will happen again.
Sometimes new people come into your life when you least expect it.
I'm not sure I will be ready for next relationships considering they may end like it.
This night I was feeling so bad, like I don't know, I immediately got several diseases, solely because of depression. Now it stopped though.
I don't want it to happen again.